After the Session: Gallery Turnaround Time


Are you wondering what exactly happens after your session and when you will receive your gallery?

In this blog post, I give you a little peek into my post session process.

What happens after a session?

The first thing I do after your sessions is transfer the images from my camera to my computer’s hard drive and then import those photos into Adobe Lightroom (my primary editing software). If time allows, I will edit a photo and send it out as a sneak peek on the same day as your session.

My Editing Process:  

Once all of your images are imported, I then go through each individual photo and pick out the very best ones to edit for you (this process is called culling). Depending on how many photos I took at your session, this process can take quite a while. Once I have selected your final images, I then edit each one by hand, making sure the colors, tones, etc. are just right. If needed, I will then take the photo into Adobe Photoshop to complete any final edits (face swaps, removing unwanted things from backgrounds, etc.). 

Once all my edits are complete, I upload them into my online gallery platform. Once the images are uploaded, I create your gallery and email it over to you!

An hour-long session will take me about 3-5 hours to edit from start to finish. Depending on my schedule, this is often completed over multiple days. 

Why it may take a few weeks to receive your gallery: 

You may be wondering why it would take 2-3 weeks to receive your gallery if it only took me 3-5 hours to edit all of the images. 

The #1 reason it takes longer is that I often have an editing queue (a list of previous sessions that I need to edit). I almost always edit in the order of when the session took place. I can have anywhere from 1-10 sessions in my queue.

There are many other factors that go into my 2-3 week turnaround time. Taking photos and editing the photos are not my only responsibilities as a photographer. Here are just a few of the tasks I do on a regular basis: 

  • Digital marketing (posting to social media)
  • Designing marketing materials 
  • Emailing clients 
  • Creating invoices & contracts
  • Accounting
  • Location scouting

Trust me, I know you are excited to receive your photos. I am just as excited to get them delivered to you!

Want to learn a little bit more on what to expect when you book a session with Cara Olson Photography? The link below will take you to my Client Lounge!

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After the Session: Gallery Turnaround Time

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