Cara Olson Photography 2.0

It all started with my Nikon 3100. It was red. I had no idea how to use it. I almost always shot in auto-mode and used free editing software to edit my photos. But hey, I loved that camera, and in that moment, I was sure I knew what I was doing.

In 2016, I came across a photography course, {Shultz Photo School}. It was geared towards teaching parents how to take better photos of their kids. It was magical and taught me so much. The course also highlighted how limited I was with my current camera, so guess what happened? Yep. I welcomed camera #2 into my life. A Nikon D7100. It was labeled a “hobbyist” camera and that is exactly what I thought I would be. A hobby photographer.

{If you are reading this and you are a parent wanting to take better photos, I highly recommend you check it out – the courses are incredibly helpful without being overwhelming. }

My interest in photography grew as I became more active in online photography groups. I no longer wanted to just take photos of my adorable kiddos. I wanted to take photos of other people’s adorable kiddos…so I did. In 2016, I started photography friends and family for free (or almost free). It lit a creative fire in me that I didn’t know existed. I loved it.

In 2017, I decided to turn my hobby into a business and launched my LLC {Cara Olson Photography, llc.}. I learned how to create contracts + invoices. I designed a website + a logo. I bought business cards…I did it all. I really had no idea what I was doing, but I did it.

Now here I am, 4 years after launching my business, feeling forever grateful to the families that hired me back then and continue to hire me today. It’s been such a blessing watching your families grow over the years.

It’s almost 2022. I am going into my 5th year as Cara Olson Photography. My camera has been updated to a Nikon D750, a enthusiast/professional camera (though, I do have my eyes on the new Nikon mirrorless camera…). I have a variety of lenses, a beautiful gallery system for clients and an incredibly full heart.

I would not be here without the support of my family, friends and faithful clients.

I decided it was time to “relaunch” with new branding, a new website and an improved client experience. My goal is to create tools for you so that you feel well prepared for your session and have a truly enjoyable session experience. I want you to feel well loved from the moment you contact me to the day you receive your gallery.

You can take a peek at the new branding below. I wanted my color palette to be soft + warm and my website to feel inviting + interactive.

If you have a moment, I would love for you to click through my website. It was a labor of love.

If you made it all the way to the end of this blog post, THANK YOU! I have spent the last month(s) really trying to create a beautiful experience for my friends, family + clients.



Cara Olson Photography 2.0

  1. Brud says:

    Cara, you have an eye for beautiful photography. You took our Christmas pictures last minute in 2017 and they came out great. I have followed you since and have seen the growth in your pictures. Keep growing and giving families pictures they will treasure for a life time.

  2. Cara says:

    It was absolutely wonderful taking your Christmas photos. We can’t wait to see you next time you are in Michigan. ❤️

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